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The Difference Drapes Make


We have two big picture windows above our front door that let great light into the front of the house.

The previous homeowners, in their attempt to have beige infused in every aspect of this house, dressed the windows with three gauze window scarfs draped around them.  Can you guess the colors they chose?  Yup – light beige, beige, and dark beige/brown.

I really wish I had a before picture, but I don’t because they immediately had to come down when we moved in.  I’d rather have nothing on the windows than look at more beige each morning when I came down the steps.  So in lieu of the real deal, here is sort of what it looked like, to give you a before:

brown draped gauze scarf curtain

And the After. I am loving these curtain panels I found on Carsons.com, they are called Echo Positano Window Panel.

Echo Positano Window Panel

When you have to buy panels separately, the cost can add up.  So I found these on sale for $29.99 each.  Then used a 10% off coupon found on retailmenot.com.  Then started at ebates.com for another 2% cash back- it all adds up!

Here is a close up of the material.  The light colors really help lighten up the space and let the sun in nicely.  The old window scarfs were draped in front of the actual window, which gets a lot of light.  So by the time we took them down, the part actually covering the window was very faded by the sun.  Since this are a lighter color, hopefully the eventual fade won’t be so noticeable, but it is something one should consider.

Echo® Positano Window Panel

Here is another dramatic drape makeover, in the dining room.  This time I have the before:

dining room

The elephants were a strange choice, given they weren’t beige and didn’t really go with the rest of the décor.


But I have to say, these cornices were so well crafted.  They were heavy and quality materials were used.  They must have cost hundreds of dollars to have made and hung.  I almost felt bad taking them down.  Except that I didn’t.   I did put them in storage though, I have a hunch they’ll be making an appearance on craigslist one of these days…

So down came the $500 custom window treatments, and up went my $50 for four panels from IKEA.  It was whole room instant makeover once these were hung.  The white made the whole room instantly brighter.  I love them.

White curtain panels from IKEA