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Monogrammed Christmas Stockings


I know it is a little early for a holiday inspired post, but I just finished a project I wanted to share.

Now that I have my complete family of four, I wanted us all to have matching, monogrammed Christmas stockings.  I bought four stockings last year on my second favorite shopping day – the day after Christmas (closely behind Black Friday) at fifty percent off from Target.

The nice this about buying them at the end of December was that it gave me a full year to get the monogramming done.  And I’m happy to report that 10 months later I finally got around to finishing them.

To make the monograms I bought cheap 25 cent pieces of felt at Hobby Lobby, some white string with and needles with big eyes to thread the thicker white string through.  First I drew the letters on lined paper, which helped ensure they were all the same height, and then used that as a pattern to cut the felt letters.  Then I just used a simple stitch to attach the letter.  Voila, monogrammed stockings!

Now to start the process of buying things to fill them…

Monogrammed Christmas Stockings