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Monogrammed Wall Art


Big shout out to my Sister and Mom for helping create a customized piece of art for above Munchkin #2’s crib.  I wanted something with a monogram above her crib, but the options online were so expensive.  DIY to the rescue!

I had a projector on hand, which made this project a lot easier.  I bought a plain canvas at Hobby Lobby (side- don’t forget to download their app.  It has a 40% off a regular priced item on it.  Much easier than keeping up with clipping coupons.)  Then we found the letters we liked online and simply traced them to the board.

I highly recommend using a pencil to plan out your work.  Tracing the letters isn’t hard, but spacing them out took some doing.  Plus we found we had to add a few curly q’s here and there to fill out the space.

I didn’t get too fancy with the border or background because I didn’t want to take away from the lettering.

Here is the final project!



(Munchkin soundly sleeping…mmm)Image


I like working with this canvas board because it is very light.  Should something happen where it falls off the wall or the baby somehow hits it into her crib – it isn’t going to cause any big damage.