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Message Board Upcycle!


We really needed a place to hang our keys when we came in the house.  Now a normal person would have just gone to Target and bought the first set of key hooks they found and been done with it.  Of course that wasn’t the route I wanted to take, and I spent an abnormal amount of time searching for the perfect key holder – only to come up empty.

Then I went to Habitat For Humanity’s ReStore and found this gem for $4.  Okay, maybe it wasn’t a gem yet, more like a diamond in the rough.

Your grandma's message board keyholder

I started with a coat of my trusty Zinsser primer.  Then I scavenged around the house to find leftover white and blue spray paint, clear acrylic paint to seal it up and some leftover chevron fabric.  Put it all together and you’ve done away with your grandmother’s message board and have a new upcycled piece for the mudroom.  No more excuses for lost keys!

Keyhold Message Board with Chalk paint

Here they are side by side:

Key holder chalkboard message center

This was the first time I’d been to a ReStore and I have to say that I was totally impressed!  I’ll definitely be going back if I take on anymore home improvement projects, though it is hit or miss if you are looking for something specific.  But if you have rental properties or just need something to get by, it is like digging through a garage- only a lot cleaner!


Friendly Ghosts


Last year I made this ghost footprint art with Munchkin #1 when she was 8 months old.

ghost footprint

Fast forward a year later and Munchkin #1 is a year older and there is a Munchkin #2 in the picture!  I thought it was time for the first ghost to make some friends and document more feet.  I replaced last year’s foot with an updated print and made one for the new baby.

Mantel shot:


And then we did one together.

halloween art craft baby footprint

Imagine if we made a new ‘ghost’ every year, think how cute of ghost village we could have by the time the kids are 18!

Happy Halloween decorating!

Showing Off Photo Books


I spend a lot (a lot) of time making Shutterfly photo books for my family.  If you’ve never made one, you can’t truly appreciate how much work they are.  And even though Shutterfly lets you stack coupon upon coupon up on their site, they can get pricey too.

The last thing I want to do is let a newly made book collect dust on the shelf.  So to display my masterpieces, I bought some dish racks holders (is there an official name for these?) to hang them on the walls in an organized fashion.  I picked these racks up at the thrift store for $7 each and spray painted them white.  I’ve seen them cheaper, but I was willing to pay a little more because they had a matched set.

It is very important to make sure your photo books will fit in the slots before you buy them!  I typically make 8×11 books, and this size definitely does not fit all racks.


I obviously painted my racks white, because I thought this went best with the room.  But I think it would be neat to paint them fun colors too.  Like a hot pink or turquoise.  Also, as my collection grows, I think it will be fun to have different styles of racks hanging, just to make it more interesting.

This idea makes it very easy to change out as I create new books.


Monogrammed Wall Art


Big shout out to my Sister and Mom for helping create a customized piece of art for above Munchkin #2’s crib.  I wanted something with a monogram above her crib, but the options online were so expensive.  DIY to the rescue!

I had a projector on hand, which made this project a lot easier.  I bought a plain canvas at Hobby Lobby (side- don’t forget to download their app.  It has a 40% off a regular priced item on it.  Much easier than keeping up with clipping coupons.)  Then we found the letters we liked online and simply traced them to the board.

I highly recommend using a pencil to plan out your work.  Tracing the letters isn’t hard, but spacing them out took some doing.  Plus we found we had to add a few curly q’s here and there to fill out the space.

I didn’t get too fancy with the border or background because I didn’t want to take away from the lettering.

Here is the final project!



(Munchkin soundly sleeping…mmm)Image


I like working with this canvas board because it is very light.  Should something happen where it falls off the wall or the baby somehow hits it into her crib – it isn’t going to cause any big damage.

Sept 8, 2013 Is Grandparents Day


Last year was the first year my mom got to celebrate Grandparents Day.  We made her wait 37 years before getting to claim this title, so we wanted to recognize it with a little something special.  So I set out to immortalize my new baby’s feet and turn them into seasonal art.

ghost footprint

In case you really need a tutorial for this:

1) Paint baby’s foot white.

2) Clean up all the drips on the floor you made from the baby kicking in an effort to do step 1.

3) Press baby’s foot on black paper.

4) Realize you just have a big smudge and redo steps 1 – 3.

5) Redo steps 1 -3 ten more times, as this is how many times you’ll have to do to actually get a good print.

6) Paint two black dots on the heel print for eyes.

7) Let dry.  Otherwise you’ll end up with another smudge and it is back to steps 1 -3.

8) Once dry, Frame in black frame.  Hot glue a cute bow on it.

9) It still looked a little plain to me, so I painted the word Boo in the corner.

10) Explain to you husband why your baby has white feet and paint in between she toes that you can’t get out.

This year’s Grandparent’s Day snuck up on me.  I just had another kiddo about four months ago, so I need to get going on creating a matched set!